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Health and Safety

First Aid Kit

At NZES, our organizational culture revolves around a deep-rooted commitment to health and safety in everything we do. We recognize the immense value this brings to our employees, customers, and company as a whole. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to safely return home to their families at the end of each working day, and we are dedicated to achieving this.

With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, we strive to foster a high-performance safety culture within our organization. Our vision is to create an injury-free workplace where all individuals can thrive.

As part of our commitment to safety, we hold the following memberships and accreditations:

  • ISNetworld Accreditation

  • SiteWise Gold Status

  • Impac PREQUAL - Totika Contractor Pre-Qualification

These affiliations reflect our ongoing efforts to adhere to the highest standards of safety management and meet the rigorous requirements of the industry. By aligning ourselves with these esteemed organizations, we demonstrate our dedication to excellence and continuous development in health and safety practices.

We believe that fostering a safe working environment is a collective responsibility and promise to uphold this commitment in every aspect of our business.

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