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Showcasing our success

Nelson Pine Industries

New Zealand Electrical (NZES) proudly serves as the trusted service contractor for the renowned Nelson Pine Industries factory located in Nelson.

With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience in the electrical industry, NZES has proven to be an invaluable partner for the factory's electrical needs. They excel in delivering top-tier electrical services, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery, lighting systems, and power distribution throughout the facility.


Our team of highly skilled technicians possesses deep expertise in handling complex electrical projects, providing prompt troubleshooting and maintenance services when required.

Emphasizing quality, safety, and efficiency, NZES has established a solid reputation as a reliable service contractor, contributing to the uninterrupted productivity and success of Nelson Pine Industries.

Cuddon Freeze Dry

At NZES, our electrical and automation company offers exceptional services tailored to the specific needs of Cuddon Freeze Dry.

Our comprehensive range of expertise includes electrical design, switchboard construction, machine wiring, and commissioning. Our skilled professionals meticulously approach each project, ensuring top-notch electrical solutions.

We prioritize precision and effectiveness, whether it's designing efficient electrical systems, constructing reliable switchboards, or optimizing machine wiring for maximum performance. Our adept technicians conduct thorough inspections and tests during commissioning to ensure seamless functionality and client satisfaction.

With our holistic approach to electrical work, NZES empowers Cuddon Freeze Dry with efficient and dependable systems, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

Active Refrigeration

New Zealand Electrical Solutions (NZES) works closely with Active Refrigeration’s systems to provide efficient and reliable electrical solutions. With expertise in electrical systems and a deep understanding of the refrigeration industry, NZES collaborates with Active to optimise their electrical infrastructure.

By integrating advanced technologies such as smart controls, energy-efficient components, and monitoring systems, NZES assists in creating a sustainable and cost-effective refrigeration environment.

Whether it involves the installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical systems within active refrigeration units, NZES ensures seamless integration and maximum performance. With their commitment to quality and innovation, NZES plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and energy efficiency of active refrigeration systems in New Zealand.

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